Make sure your pet returns home Safely Get your tag now for a one-time payment of $25. No recurring fees!

24/7 Protection For Your Pet

What do you get

QR & NFC Tags

QR codes can be scanned with every smartphone. NFC enabled smartphones only need to touch the tag to launch your pet's app.

GPS Notifications

Whenever someone scans the tag you'll be notified with the GPS location of your lost pet.

Works everywhere

No range limits, does not require a battery and works across all smartphones

Critical Information

Your pet's profile incldues medical and critical information for emergencies

Owner Information

Let people reach you with a click of a button. You can also provide a map and directions to your home.

Finder Rewards

Offer a reward your finder can collect to increase the chances of people returning your pet

24/7 Protection

Tags will work as long as they're on your pet. You can update your pet's profile in real-time and keep your exisitng tag!

No annual fees

No monthly costs or activation charges. The cost of the tag is all you'll pay.

How It Works

1. Order a tag online or purchase it from our partners

Order your tag online or get it from one of our partners at your local stores. We offer international shipping!

Order a Smart ID Tag

3. Create your pet's profile

Provide your pet's critical information, vet details, owner information and offer a finder's reward to be included in your pet's profile.

4. Whenever your pet gets lost anyone can scan it's tag and notify you

Whenever someone scans the code with any smartphone or swipes an android device on the tag, your pet's profile app will be fired, you'll be notified with the GPS location and all critical information will be displayed, making it super easy to return your pet home.